Africa Indigenous Peoples

Africa MapAfrica is the world's second-largest and second-most-populous continent. At about 30.2 million km² (11.7 million sq mi) including adjacent islands, it covers six percent of the Earth's total surface area and 20.4 percent of the total land area. It has 54 fully recognized sovereign states, 9 territories and three de facto states with limited recognition. The indigenous people of Africa are those people of Africa whose way of life, attachment or claims to particular lands, and social and political standing in relation to other more dominant groups have resulted in their substantial marginalisation within modern African states. Indigenous people of Africa include the Amazigh (or Imazighn) of North Africa, commonly know as the Berbers; the Ogiek, Sengwer, Dahalo – Aweer – Waata, Elmolo, Yaaku, Maasai, Samburu, Rendille, Pokot, Pokomo, Borana, Hadzabe, Dorobo and others of East Africa; the Batwa, Bambuti, and others of Central Africa; the Dinka, Nuer, Afar, Boranna, Karamajong, Mbororo, Tuareg, and others of the Horn of Africa; the San, Khoekhoe, Nama, and others of South Africa; and Bororo, Tuareg, Tubu, and others of West Africa. Like their indigenous brothers and sisters, they face a number of common struggles: sovereignty, the right to self-determination, preservation of language and heritage, rights to land and natural resources, impacts from climate change and environmental damage, and recognition within local, federal, and international governments and laws.

International: Final Communiqué Of The Exchange Workshop On Indigenous Peoples’ Rights Between The IACHR, The ASEAN Inter-Governmental Commission On Human Rights And The African Commission On Human And Peoples’ Rights 04-18-2013
Uganda: Ugandan Court Orders Compensation Be Paid To Evictees Of The Kaweri-Coffee-Plantation 04-11-2013
Tanzania: Fate Of Over 66,000 Maasai Hangs In The Balance As Government Declares Community Land 'Game Controlled Area' 04-10-2013
Tanzania: Statement Regarding Plans By The Government To Alienate Indigenous People In Loliondo 04-09-2013
Africa: Africans Unite Against New Form Of Colonialism - No REDD In Africa 04-03-2013
Namibia: German GIZ Directly Engaged With Dispossessing Indigenous Peoples Of Their Lands And Territories In Namibia 04-01-2013
Africa: Manual On The Promotion And Protection Of The Rights Of Indigenous Populations-Communities Through The African Human Rights System 03-27-2013
Liberia: Land Reforms In Liberia Must Learn From And Protect Communities' Customary Land And Resource Rights, Urge Grand Cape Mount Communities In New Report 03-26-2013
Botswana: Kalahari Bushmen Launch New Legal Battle 03-21-2013
Cameroon: Cameroonian Farmers Find Justice In Fair Fruit 03-20-2013
Ethiopia: Catalog Of Events Leading Up To Massacre Of Suri People In October 2012 02-27-2013
Africa: African Development Bank Hosts Forum On Indigenous Peoples’ Development 02-14-2013
Nigeria: No More Bloodshed - MOSOP President, Dr. Goodluck Diigbo Warns United Nations Agency 02-07-2013
Ethiopia: “Unheard Voices” Speak Out - Indigenous Ethiopians Demand A Stop To Human Rights Abuses Stemming From Agricultural Investment Policies 02-06-2013
Ethiopia: Local Tribes Under Threat - A Field Report From The Lower Omo Valley, Ethiopia 02-06-2013
Ethiopia: Ethnobotanical Study Of Plants Used In Management Of Livestock Health Problems By Afar People Of Ada'ar District, Afar Regional State, Ethiopia 01-24-2013
Nigeria: Indigenous Nigerians Object To Land Grabs By A Foreign Palm Oil Company 01-16-2013
Botswana: Bushman Children Arrested Under Renewed Government Repression 01-15-2013
Ethiopia: Ethiopian Dam And Irrigation Projects Threaten To Turn Kenya’s Lake Turkana Into “East Africa’s Aral Sea” 01-10-2013
Nigeria: MOSOP Renews Call For Saro-Wiwa's Exoneration, Demands Ogoni State Creation 01-03-2013
Africa: Proverbs As Theoretical Frameworks For Lifelong Learning In Indigenous African Education 12-31-2012
Western Sahara: Healing War Wounds And Perfuming Exile - The Use Of Vegetal, Animal, And Mineral Products For Perfumes, Cosmetics, And Skin Healing Among Sahrawi Refugees Of Western Sahara 12-28-2012
Tanzania: Curbing Tanzania’s “Land Grabbing Race” 12-20-2012
Tanzania: Participatory Rangeland Resource Mapping As A Valuable Tool For Village Land Use Planning In Tanzania 12-18-2012
Cameroon: Report Of A Workshop To Sensitize The Mbororo Indigenous Peoples About The Voter Registration And Participation In The Upcoming Municipal And Legislative Elections 2013 12-17-2012
Nigeria: Ground-Breaking Judgment Calls For Punishing Oil Companies Over Pollution 12-17-2012
Liberia: Statement And Declaration By Affected Community Members From Sime Darby And Golden Veroleum Concessions On Oil Palm Development 12-14-2012
Kenya: Marginalization Multiplied - Minority And Indigenous Women In Kenya Facing Discrimination On Many Fronts – New MRG Report 12-13-2012
Botswana: Bushmen Beaten, Suffocated And Buried Alive For Killing An Antelope 12-13-2012
Nigeria: Security Forces Open Fire On Protesting Ogoni Community 12-01-2012
Zimbabwe: San People Forced To Abandon Their Homes In Search Of Water 11-27-2012
Liberia: Sime Darby Oil Palm And Rubber Plantation In Grand Cape Mount county, Liberia - Case Study 11-26-2012
Nigeria: MOSOP Calls On All Ogoni People To Resist Shell's Re-Entry Plan 11-22-2012
Cameroon: First Africa Land Forum - Challenging Times For Indigenous Peoples And Pastoralists In Africa 11-16-2012
Africa: Yaoundé Declaration Of The 1st ILC Africa Land Forum 11-16-2012
Ethiopia: Gambella’s Armed Opposition Condemns The Killings In Omo Valley, Ethiopia 11-15-2012
Kenya: Report On Lamu Port-South Sudan-Ethiopia Transport Corridor (LAPSSET) And Indigenous Peoples In Kenya 11-12-2012
Cameroon: Statement Of The Forests And Communities Platform And Representatives Of Indigenous Communities On Cameroon's REDD Readiness Preparation Proposal (R-PP) 11-12-2012
Kenya: Recognising Sacred Natural Sites And Territories In Kenya - An Analysis Of How The Kenyan Constitution, National And International Laws Can Support The Recognition Of Sacred Natural Sites And Their Community Governance Systems 11-12-2012
Nigeria: The Seventeenth Year Anniversary Of The Hanging Of The Ogoni Nine 11-11-2012
Nigeria: Ogonis Say Time Is Running Out For Non-Cooperative Politicians 11-09-2012
Tanzania: In Pictures - Tanzania’s Hadza Mark Land Rights Milestone One Year On 11-05-2012
Zambia: Foreign Farmers Undermine Food Security In Zambia 11-02-2012
Kenya: Indigenous Seek Profits From Forests 11-02-2012
Africa: New Oil Palm Land Grabs Exposed - Asian Palm Oil Companies Run Into Trouble In Africa 11-02-2012
Benin: Local Knowledge And Adaptation To Climate Change In Ouémé Valley, Benin 11-02-2012
Liberia: Uncertain Futures - The Impacts Of Sime Darby On Communities In Liberia 10-31-2012
South Sudan: Tribal Wars Threaten South Sudan Again 10-31-2012
Liberia: Letter Of Complaint To Round Table On Sustainable Palm Oil From Indigenous Butaw Kru Tribes 10-30-2012
Ethiopia: Medicinal Plants Potential And Use By Pastoral And Agro-Pastoral Communities In Erer Valley Of Babile Wereda, Eastern Ethiopia 10-23-2012
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