Africa Indigenous Peoples

Africa MapAfrica is the world's second-largest and second-most-populous continent. At about 30.2 million km² (11.7 million sq mi) including adjacent islands, it covers six percent of the Earth's total surface area and 20.4 percent of the total land area. It has 54 fully recognized sovereign states, 9 territories and three de facto states with limited recognition. The indigenous people of Africa are those people of Africa whose way of life, attachment or claims to particular lands, and social and political standing in relation to other more dominant groups have resulted in their substantial marginalisation within modern African states. Indigenous people of Africa include the Amazigh (or Imazighn) of North Africa, commonly know as the Berbers; the Ogiek, Sengwer, Dahalo – Aweer – Waata, Elmolo, Yaaku, Maasai, Samburu, Rendille, Pokot, Pokomo, Borana, Hadzabe, Dorobo and others of East Africa; the Batwa, Bambuti, and others of Central Africa; the Dinka, Nuer, Afar, Boranna, Karamajong, Mbororo, Tuareg, and others of the Horn of Africa; the San, Khoekhoe, Nama, and others of South Africa; and Bororo, Tuareg, Tubu, and others of West Africa. Like their indigenous brothers and sisters, they face a number of common struggles: sovereignty, the right to self-determination, preservation of language and heritage, rights to land and natural resources, impacts from climate change and environmental damage, and recognition within local, federal, and international governments and laws.

Kenya: Forced Relocation Of Sengwer People Proves Urgency Of Canceling REDD 03-17-2014
Ethiopia: ‘Humanitarian Crisis’ For Ogaden Living Near Ethiopia’s Oil Fields 03-04-2014
Kenya: The Ogiek Case - The First Case On Indigenous People's Rights To Be Considered By The African Court 02-26-2014
Tanzania: Maasai Villagers Turn To U.S. Courts For Information On Abusive Evictions By U.S. Safari Company 02-26-2014
Kenya: Rights Group Urges Kenyan Government To Stop Parcelling Endorois Community Land Without Consultation 02-21-2014
Ethiopia: Land, Water Grabs Devastate Communities - Satellite Images Show Devastating Toll On 500,000 Pastoralists 02-19-2014
Africa: Final Resolution On Pastoralism Of The Joint Parliamentary Assembly Of ACP And EU Countries 12-06-2013
Rawanda: Almost 20 Years On – International Justice Still Fails Rwandans 11-27-2013
Africa: Top Human Rights Watchdog Investigates Ethiopia And Botswana 11-27-2013
Botswana: Exposed - Fracking Licenses Granted In Bushmen’s Reserve 11-25-2013
Ethiopia: Ethiopia’s Indigenous Excluded From Rapid Growth 11-11-2013
Zimbabwe: Zimbabweans Left Worse Off By Local Mining Companies 11-08-2013
South Africa: 15 Years Since The 1998 TRC Report - Are Survivors And Victims Of Apartheid Atrocities Worse Off Than Before? 11-04-2013
International: The Sahel - New Push To Transform Agriculture With More Support For Pastoralism And Irrigation 10-28-2013
Tanzania: Conflicts Over Water Rise In Tanzania 10-21-2013
Cameroon: Finding Land For Cameroon’s Pastoralist Nomads 10-16-2013
Botswana: International Condemnation Of Botswana Over Bushmen 10-12-2013
Cameroon: Baka Pygmies Drink Up Their Voting Rights 09-30-2013
Tanzania: Brief Summary Of The – Hopefully Now Forever Stopped – Plan Of Grabbing 1,500km2 From The Maasai Of Loliondo 09-28-2013
Kenya: World Bank Statement On Olkaria Maasai Evictions 09-28-2013
Botswana: Tourists - Boycott Botswana Over Treatment Of Bushmen 09-26-2013
Nigeria: Nigerians Uncertain Of Future In Bakassi Peninsula 09-21-2013
Botswana: Access Case Dismissed – Final End For Bushman Hunters? 09-13-2013
Kenya: Squatting On Kenya’s Mineral Wealth 09-04-2013
South Africa: Big Deal For Indigenous Rights - San And Khoi Intellectual Property Acknowledged 08-27-2013
South Africa: US Circuit Court Dismisses Apartheid Litigation 08-22-2013
Botswana: Plans To Evict Botswana Bushmen Revealed By Leaked Report 08-15-2013
Kenya: Maasai Forcefully Evicted From Homes And Land - Government Claims It was Not Aware Of Situation 07-27-2013
Botswana: Botswana Bars Bushmen’s Lawyer As Landmark Case Starts 07-25-2013
Ethiopia: U.S., U.K. Accused Of Ignoring, Facilitating Abuses In Ethiopia 07-18-2013
Botswana: Lost Lands - Land Rights Of The San In Botswana And The Legal Concept Of Indigeneity In Africa 06-24-2013
Botswana: Court Reprieve For Bushmen Threatened With Eviction 06-18-2013
Botswana: Statement On Recent Events In The Settlement Of San Of Ranyane 06-18-2013
Namibia: Namibia Police To End Invasions Of San Land In Western Tsumkwe Region 06-11-2013
Cameroon: Oakland Institute, Greenpeace Denounce Cameroon Government's Decision To Lift Suspension On New York Corporation's Palm Oil Project 06-08-2013
Namibia: !Kung Community Increasingly Concerned With Land Issues In N≠a Jaqna Conservancy 06-08-2013
Cameroon: The Trial Of Musa Usman Ndamba - Further Evidence Of Discrimination Against The Indigenous Mbororo Community 06-08-2013
South Africa: South African Indigenous Leader Mphatheleni Makaulule Receives Global Leadership Award From The International Indigenous Women’s Forum 06-02-2013
Libya: Tribes Keep Uneasy Peace In Southern Libya 05-22-2013
Ethiopia: Ethno-Medicinal Study Of Plants Used For Treatment Of Human And Livestock Ailments By Traditional Healers In South Omo, Southern Ethiopia 05-22-2013
Democratic Republic Of Congo: With Inga Dams, Donors Set To Repeat Past Failures 05-18-2013
Kenya: Pastoralism And Ecosystem-Based Adaptation In Kenyan Masailand 05-13-2013
Zimbabwe: Traditional Use Of Medicinal Plants In South-Central Zimbabwe - Review And Perspectives 05-13-2013
Africa: The Challenge Of Being A Maasai Woman 05-12-2013
Namibia: Indigenous Peoples "Not Seen Promises Of Independence Fulfilled" 05-05-2013
Nigeria: Ogoni Oil And Gas Youths Assembly States Position On Environmental Issues In Ogoni 05-02-2013
Africa: Come Grab Our Land 04-29-2013
South Africa: Unanswered Questions For The South Africa Apartheid Litigation As U.S. Supreme Court April 17 Rules Against The Kiobel Case 04-24-2013
Tanzania: Maasai Women Taking Bold Stance To Protect Land Rights 04-23-2013
Nigeria: U.S. Kiobel Decision Bucks 30 Years Of Precedent 04-18-2013
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