South America Indigenous Peoples

SouthAmerica MapSouth America has an area of 17,840,000 square kilometers (6,890,000 sq mi) and a population as of 2005 of more than 371,090,000. South America ranks fourth in total area and fifth in world population. It includes twelve independent countries—Argentina, Bolivia, Brazil, Chile, Colombia, Ecuador, Guyana, Paraguay, Peru, Suriname, Uruguay, and Venezuela—as well as French Guiana, which is an overseas region of France and the Falkland Islands of the UK. Indigenous people have inhabited parts of South America for at least 12,000 years, and prior to European colonization was home to several highly sophisticated civilizations. Today, there are hundreds of indigenous groups struggling for survival in South America, from the Yanomami of Venezuela and Brazil to the Mapuche of Chile and Argentina to the Achuar of Ecuador and Peru. Combined, it is estimated that there are over 21 million indigenous people from over 400 broadly defined indigenous groups. Like their indigenous brothers and sisters, they face a number of common struggles: sovereignty, the right to self-determination, preservation of language and heritage, rights to land and natural resources, impacts from climate change and environmental damage, and recognition within local, federal, and international governments and laws.

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Ecuador: Judge In Chevron's Ecuador Case Suppresses Evidence Of Oil Giant's Environmental Abuses 11-25-2013
Pará: Belo Sun Mining Project Suspended In Brazilian Amazon 11-22-2013
Brazil: Guarani Suffer One Of The Highest Murder Rates In The World 11-22-2013
Venezuela: Demarcation Of Native Territories Essential For Venezuela’s Amazon Region 11-20-2013
Ecuador: Ecuadorian Court Upholds $9 Billion Judgment Against Chevron 11-15-2013
Pará: Brazil's Belo Monte Dam Faces Renewed Protest In Europe 11-15-2013
Guyana: Mining Takes A Bite Out Of Guyana’s Amazon 11-11-2013
Peru: Building the Future Indigenous Women Want 11-04-2013
Brazil: Hearing On Situation Of Human Rights Defenders In Brazil Before IACHR 10-28-2013
Guyana: Concerns With Amerindian Land Titling Project Under The Guyana/Norway Guyana REDD Investment Fund (GRIF) 10-26-2013
Peru: Indigenous Women Of The World Unite In Lima, Peru 10-23-2013
Colombia: Indigenous Peoples Face Attacks And Various Pressures During La Minga Social By Security Forces 10-21-2013
Ecuador: Chevron Fights Amazon Pollution Verdict In U.S. Court 10-16-2013
Peru: Photos Reveal Illegal Clearings In ‘Isolated’ Indigenous Peoples’ Reserve In Peru’s Amazon 10-16-2013
Ecuador: Chevron Retaliation Trial Opens Against Victims Of Pollution In Ecuador 10-15-2013
Colombia: A Look At The Human Rights Of Indigenous Women In Colombia - Shadow Report 10-09-2013
Brazil: Massive Indigenous Rights Movement Launches Across Brazil 10-03-2013
Guyana: Minister Whittaker Highlights Importance Of Interactions With Indigenous People During Outreach To Region 10 Amerindian Villages 09-30-2013
Mato Grosso do Sul: Female Chief Leads Re-Occupation Of Ancestral Land After Her Three Children Die 09-18-2013
Mato Grosso do Sul: Letter From The Guarani Kaiowá Community Of Apy Ka'y, Dourados, Mato Grosso do Sul To All The Authorities Of Brazil 09-18-2013
Pará: Indigenous Peoples Renew Occupation Of Belo Monte Dam 09-18-2013
Guyana: Guyana Government Agrees To Demarcate Amerindian Land 09-16-2013
Paraguay: European Union Beef Imports Threaten Uncontacted Indians 09-16-2013
South America: The Genetic History Of Indigenous Populations Of The Peruvian And Bolivian Altiplano - The Legacy Of The Uros 09-12-2013
Pará: Indigenous Rights Controversies Around Belo Monte Consume Brazilian Judicial System 09-11-2013
Chile: Cultural Meanings Of Musculoskeletal Diseases In Chile’s Mapuche Population 09-09-2013
Peru: Survivors Of Peru’s Armed Conflict Still Waiting 09-03-2013
Mato Grosso do Sul: Fire Devastates Roadside Camp Where Brazilian Indians Face 'Mass Murder' 08-27-2013
Guyana: Ministry Of Amerindian Affairs Launches YAEP; Inducts Apprentices In Region 1 08-26-2013
Colombia: Civil Society Trial Finds Oil Corp Guilty In Colombia 08-22-2013
Colombia: Q&A - Colombia Still In The Icy Grip Of Impunity 08-20-2013
Peru: Structural Factors That Increase HIV/STI Vulnerability Among Indigenous People In The Peruvian Amazon 08-13-2013
Venezuela: Survivors Of Yanomami Massacre Speak Out 20 Years On 08-13-2013
South America: IACHR Calls On Member States To Guarantee Respect For The Human Rights Of Indigenous Peoples In Voluntary Isolation And Initial Contact 08-09-2013
Bolivia: Building Resilience To Climate Change Through Indigenous Knowledge – The Case Of Bolivia 08-01-2013
Peru: Peru’s Culture Ministry Blocks Expansion Of Camisea Gas Project In The Amazon, Warning That Isolated Peoples Could Become Extinct 07-31-2013
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