Philippines: Provincial Official Cites Cultural Preservation Efforts

Purita S. Licas, 2011


A member of the provincial board of Cagayan has cited the joint efforts of government and non-government organizations (GO-NGO) in reviving and preserving the rich cultural heritage as they staged a cultural presentation of Ilocano songs, poems, debate and dances at the Kammaranan (Nobility) Hall, provincial capitol here.


Board Member Olivia Pascual of the province’s 1st district said it is inevitable that the young, especially, today, tend to embrace the modern trends, and so steps have to be taken to preserve the various cultures and tradition of the province and the region.


“Let’s not allow our native songs, dances, poems and even the manner by which we debate be brought to oblivion,” Pascual said adding that the children today should be exposed to indigenous songs and dances during programs and other cultural activities.


She said through the sponsorship of a colleague in the board, the provincial government is now enforcing a resolution for all public schools in the province to allow students to speak the Ilocano and Ibanag dialects in certain subjects.


“Through these means, we can make the children aware of who they came from, what they have achieved and their aspirations which they now leave as legacy to the present generation,” Pascual said during the program which launched the Arts Month of February.


The ‘Anasaas Iti Karayan’ (Ripples of the River) program which featured poems, songs and dances in Ilocano launched the month-long activities in the province.


Pascual said it is imperative that every sector of society give concrete commitment to promote Philippine culture and arts so that the young generation will know their past and be able to move forward.


The provincial official, who was the erstwhile mayor of Lallo town in the northeastern part of Cagayan, said he caused the creation of the Nueva Segovia Choir and Dance Troupe which performed in the cities of Vigan and Marikina and in the Department of Tourism’s Wow Philippines held in Intramuros, Manila.


“We likewise continue to air the ‘Daniwan ken Bukanegan’ (Poem and Debate) program over our local radio station DWRL for our local residents to participate and listen as we promote our local culture and traditions,” she said.


The province, four decades ago, during the term of then Governor Teresa Dupaya, has always been featured in the cultural presentations at the Cultural Center of the Philippines.


During those years, the province’s museum was likewise filled with artifacts that captured its rich history and the Cagayanos’ cultural heritage.


Meanwhile, PrimitivaTalla, provincial museum curator, expressed gratitude that the private sector is taking active part in preserving and promoting the local culture.


She said in other countries and in some parts of the country, the efforts to promote culture have made the people attain vitality and energy.


With the people’s participation, there is a feeling of oneness and cultural pride among the people, she said as she expressed optimism that when people are united, development is not far behind.


Philippines Information Agency

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