The Development Of A New Methodology To Assess Perceived Needs Among Indigenous Australians

J.J. Perkins, R.W. Sanson-Fisher, A. Girgis, S. Blunden, and D. Lunnay, 1995

The present study examined a new methodology to assess the perceived needs of Indigenous Australians in two urban communities. This methodology, utilizing graphics, allowed for the classification of general areas of need into four domains namely, health, education and employment, housing as well as social issues and community facilities. In addition participants were able to prioritize their identified needs both within the four domains as well as across domains. Overall, a number of similarities of perceived needs were noted between the communities. The results are discussed in terms of the lack of information on Indigenous Australian peoples' perceptions of their needs and the use of the new methodology to allow a wider examination of perceived needs.

Social Science and Medicine External link, 41(2):267-275.

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