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Dear Asian Development Bank: Video Of Indigenous Hyolmo Community In Nepal

In October 2009, a group of activists from the indigenous Hyolmo community in Nepal decided to make their own movie. They wanted to tell the story of a development project that won't listen to them.

For centuries the Hyolmo people have lived by the Hyolmo, Larke and Yangri rivers in Helambu in central Nepal. The Nepali government -- with financial support from the Asian Development Bank -- has decided to divert water from three rivers to Kathmandu to solve a chronic drinking water shortage in the capital.

The Hyolmo claim that the government is taking their water without asking. After years of protests and broken agreements with the governemnt regarding the project, the Hyolmo decide to make a film collecting local peoples' views of the project.

They plan to send directly to the Asian Development Bank to explain why they have been protesting against the project.

Filmmakers Tim Whyte and Anders Thormann provided some basic training on filmmaking to the Hyolmo activists. Then we followed them for two weeks with a second camera making this film about the filming process.

You can see pictures from the project here:

The Asian Development Bank's Regional Development Strategy for Nepal can be read here (.pdf) External link.

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