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Five Key Indigenous Peoples Issues For The Week Of July 29 - August 3, 2011: United States, Canada, Bolivia, Australia, Bangladesh


United States: Sacred Sites Policy Review Update - Seeking Comments On USDA's Office Of Tribal Relations And Forest Service Policy And Procedures Review: Indian Sacred Sites


Thank you for participating in face-to-face and telephonic listening sessions in support of U.S. Department of Agriculture (USDA) and U.S. Forest Service efforts to improve our policies and procedures for protection of Sacred Sites.


The DRAFT Report with recommendations for improved Sacred Site protection is available for consultation or collaborative discussion.


We will submit the FINAL Report to Secretary Vilsack in November 2011.


Please help us accurately represent the issues and opportunities by providing your comments and recommendations through consultation and collaborative processes.


Next Steps: We seek your review and comment through consultation and collaboration, and we hope the conversation continues long after we release the FINAL Report this winter! Read more about how to comment on USDA and Forest Service Indian Sacred Sites policy here....


Canada: Major Claim Concluded With Roseau River First Nation


The Government of Canada and the Roseau River First Nation announced today the final settlement of a longstanding land claim in southern Manitoba. The negotiated settlement provides the First Nation with $80 million to resolve the claim.


"Our government is committed to working with First Nations to resolve claims in a timely manner and to the benefit of First Nations and all Canadians," said the Honourable John Duncan, Minister of Aboriginal Affairs and Northern Development. "I congratulate Roseau River First Nation on working with our government to resolve this longstanding claim. The settlement of this claim will open up investment and economic opportunities and encourage new partnerships for Roseau River First Nation and neighbouring communities."


"This is a historic day, a day when a longstanding injustice has been addressed. One hundred and eight years ago, in January 1903, Roseau River lost 12 sections of our lands or nearly 60% of our reserve. We first filed our 1903 Surrender claim in 1982. For over one hundred years this injustice has plagued our people," said Chief Terrance Nelson of Roseau River Anishinabe First Nation. "For Minister Duncan to sign the $80 million settlement and the Conservative Government of Canada to have authorized this settlement is indeed, a time to say thank you to Prime Minister Harper and his government for being honourable in their dealings with the Roseau River Anishinabe First Nation." Read more about the Roseau River First Nation land claim here....


Bolivia: Indigenous Peoples Of The TIPNIS Reject Any Negotiations Without Their Presence


Through a public announcement the indigenous communities of the territory Parque Indígena Isiboro Secure express that they do not recognize any negotiations without their presence with national authorities on the road to pass through their territory.


In a part of their statement they say "don't know any negotiation or agreement which is being developed with the central Government or departmental on our backs, because we believe that without our participation, these actions are contrary to decisions taken at our highest level of organizational decision (Corregidores meeting) for infringing our rights and the Constitution of the State". Read more about the rejection from indigenous people of TIPNIS here....


Australia: Yindjibarndi Reject FMG’s Return To "Dark Ages Of Aboriginal Paternalism", And Call Instead For A Return To Negotiating Table


The Yindjibarndi Aboriginal Corporation (YAC) today expressed concern that while FMG Chief Andrew Forrest admits the cost of native title delays can be ‘extraordinary’, the company remains unwilling to return to the negotiating table. The group's concerns were heightened by new CEO Nev Power's statement earlier this week that "setting aggressive targets is a really important part of (FMG's) culture".


YAC executive officer Michael Woodley said that it seemed like Yindjibarndi people have become just another target of Fortescue’s ‘aggressive’ corporate culture. “Mr Power’s throw-away comment about YAC ‘trying to exercise power over the whole deal’, a deal that FMG has negotiated on the side with the Wirlumurra breakaway group, ignores YAC as the legal owner of property rights that will be affected by that ‘deal’. Wirlumurra have no authority or standing to negotiate such an agreement, and no other land owner could be kicked aside like FMG did to YAC.” Contrary to statements made by Mr Power, Mr Woodley said “Fortescue does not have all the legal clearances it needs to proceed with Solomon. FMG is still awaiting the decision of the Full Federal Court as to the validity of three crucial mining leases, and the decision of the Mining Warden about the grant of a fourth mining lease and several other tenements that are important to the development of the Solomon Hub.” Read more about Yindjibarndi and FMG and the call for a return to negotiating table here....


Bangladesh: Three Indigenous Marma Villagers Killed Trying To Save Woman From Rape


On 30 July 2011 at around 12 noon three indigenous Marma villagers were killed as they tried to save a young Marma woman from getting raped by some Bengali settlers at Siletuya Paea of Rupashi union under Lama upazila (sub-district) in Bandarban district.


The victims were identified as (1) Mr. Aung Sha U Marma (70 years) s/o late Mong Chabai Marma, (2) Ms. Hla Powang Prue Marma (40 years) w/o Mongchasa Marma and (3) her minor son Mong Nue Ching Marma (5 years).


It is learnt that five Bengali settlers sneaked into a farm house in the village at noon and grabbed 15 year-old girl of Ms. Hla Powang Prue Marma and Mr. Mongchasa Marma, working in the farm house, and tried to rape her.


As the girl cried out for help, Aung Sha U Marma and Hla Powang Prue Marma went to the spot. The minor boy followed them. The miscreants attacked and killed them when they were trying to save her. The miscreants also killed the minor boy. The girl who was molested was admitted at Bandarban district hospital. Read more about indigenous Marma villagers and violations of human rights in Bangladesh here....


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